How we got drinks to the party and saved some trees

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) needed to improve customer experience and reduce workload by replacing slow and clunky paper application systems with a digital service solution.

As a regulatory body, AGLC has a lot of information to communicate, but its online content was dense and hard to navigate. Users were frustrated.


Four discovery sessions with stakeholders enriched our understanding of AGLC’s various business streams and user groups. Together, we developed a framework for what information and experiences really mattered to the organization and its customers.


We built a clean, approachable platform powered by a flexible content management system that allowed customers to find relevant information, quickly apply for and receive permits, and engage deeply with AGLC’s new brand.


The platform received over 200 applications for special event liquor licenses on its first day of operations, alone. Customers are happier, paper and processing costs are down and the AGLC is delivering on its core values. Cheers to that.