Become a Pencil

If you want to make the web a better place, come work with us. We solve big problems for organizations that do good things – we help people get on the bus, catch their flight, and vote for their new mayor. Plus free Skittles.

Current openings

Jobs at the best darn web design and development agency in Edmonton. And Vancouver.

Working at Yellow Pencil is pretty awesome, especially if you like plaid, Skittles, or hockey. We're always on the lookout for passionate, fun-lovin' experts in their craft.

Our culture

Here's what you can expect

We hang out together.

We've got hockey teams, softball teams, (very) amateur bowling leagues, and BBQs galore. So bring your stick/glove/shoes/appetite.

We're kinda weird.

Why yes, that is a giant mural of William Shatner's face in our boardroom, thanks for asking. And we do have an office D&D league. We're not saying we only work with nerds. You'll just have a little more fun if you can speak our language.

We work on tough stuff.

We specialize in enterprise content for large organizations. Now, to some, that might sound boring. But we see the opportunity (and the beauty!) in it. We get to make a real impact in our communities, and build tools to make everyone's lives better.

The perks

We won't pay you in (just) Skittles, promise

We care about your growth

With generous education allowances and learning time built into our schedule, we make sure that everyone at Yellow Pencil can expand their skills to their hearts' content.

We care about your health

With a monthly fitness subsidy and plenty of team events like the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, we'll help keep you in tip-top shape. Peer pressure from your co-workers included for free.

Beer o'clock every Friday

Every Friday at 3:00 we get together to crack open a beverage and hang out with our coworkers. Sometimes we talk about stuff we've worked on. Sometimes we play Rock Band.

Skittle o'clock all day every day

If your vices involve sugar or caffeine, we're here for you. There's a giant jar of Skittles at the ready, waiting to satisfy your sugar cravings. Our Edmonton office has eight (yes, eight) different ways to make coffee. And if you want to be all healthy about it (you mean Skittles aren't a food group?), we have a steady supply of healthy snacks and fruit too.

Edmonton office

#YEG, our home and native land

We were born and raised in Edmonton. From our very first dimly-lit basement office, to our shiny new downtown digs, Edmonton will always be our home.

The team in action in the Edmonton office.

Vancouver office

Our good-looking younger sibling office

We opened a Vancouver office to be closer to our British Columbia public sector web design clients, and never looked back. Especially during the winter.

The team in action in the Vancouver office.