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Meet the technologies and strategic partners that help us help you.

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OpenText Web Site Management

OpenText is Canada’s largest software company, and the global leader in enterprise information management services. Since 2003, we’ve worked with their Customer Experience Management tools, starting with the RedDot content management system and expanding to their Digital Asset Management and Tempo Social Tools.

We are an OpenText Premium Partner, and were the 2011 Global Partner of the Year.

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Drupal is one of the world’s leading open-source content management platforms. For us, Drupal is a powerful development platform; with it, we can build mature, flexible web publishing systems that allow our clients to manage highly structured content. It’s also a full-featured online commerce platform that helps us to enable more open government communication and service delivery, and help our commercial customers to deliver engaging, transactional websites.

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Oracle WebCenter

Oracle has made a significant investment in web content management, publishing, and experience tools in the past decade. As an Oracle Silver partner, we bring a user and design focused approach to Oracle WebCenter projects. The Oracle WebCenter platform is the most comprehensive technology stack available on the market, including web content management, application portal, and enterprise content management capabilities. WebCenter integrates well with other Oracle applications and technologies, so it’s the best approach for customers attempting to move their business online and provide a best in class user experience.

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Ingeniux CMS and Cartella Social Collaboration represent one of the most sophisticated and open web communication platforms on the market. Fully built around XML and an MVC architecture, Ingeniux allows us to develop compelling marketing sites powered by all the content rigour of DITA and highly structured content. Cartella extends Ingeniux CMS to enable secure and social customer portals, partner extranets, and employee intranets. Built on Microsoft .NET, Ingeniux fits perfectly into organizations with a Sharepoint or Dynamics investment and a desire to improve user experience. It also scales well for customers using the Microsoft Azure cloud (or our own Yellow Pencil Canadian cloud services).


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Acquia is the commercial sister organization to the Drupal open source foundation. They provide advocacy for Drupal, managed application services, and software products that enhance or extend Drupal’s capabilities. We are an Acquia Channel Partner and provide design and development services with them in Canada on the Drupal platform.


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Eclipsys is an Oracle Platinum Partner, globally recognized with one of the highest levels of distinction within the Oracle Partner Network. When we combine our strength in discovery, content strategy, user experience design, and development with the expertise of Eclipsys in application management, security, and business enablement, good things happen.


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We’re a reseller and implementation partner for Alphinat: one of the leading multi-channel application products in the industry. Using Alphinat’s products, we can build interactive web dialogues for our municipal and government partners, helping them to migrate to usable e-services.