City of Surrey

Responsive website redesign

We started working with the City of Surrey in 2010, when we rebuilt their web communication plan from the ground up. Since then, Surrey has become a truly web-first organization. Their citizens know that is the best way to interact with their city.

We’ve been working with the City of Surrey ever since as their digital agency of record. The next step was a responsive website that would work with any device. Their desktop-only website had been phenomenally successful – they saw a 344% increase in page views in the year after we launched that version. But we knew they could do better.


We started with a comprehensive discovery project to find out more about Surrey’s user base:

The new City of Surrey website,, on an iPhone
  • We took a team of researchers with iPads out to the streets of Surrey to interview real users and test our design and information architecture solutions
  • We talked to all their internal stakeholders to find out what they needed to do their jobs better.
  • We collaborated with the Surrey web team to create a new project vision, processes and goals to keep everything on track.
  • We audited all of their existing channels: content, social media, analytics, customer feedback, competitive landscape, CMS templates, you name it.

This process gave us a complete picture of the organization, its users, and their goals. It helped us understand what they needed immediately, and create a realistic roadmap for future growth.


We worked with the City of Surrey team every step of the way through the design process, making sure they stayed informed and on-board.

  • We held daily stand-up meetings with the client team so they always knew what was going on and why.
  • We created functional wireframes that allowed the client team to see how their real content would move and change across screen sizes.
  • We also built an online pattern library, so the design system will stay consistent with any future design or development work.
  • Our functional HTML designs helped their web team finalize the visual design with their internal stakeholders before any time and money was spent building it.
City of Surrey responsive website redesign on a desktop computer
We took the City of Surrey's new responsive website from concept to completion


We launched one of the first large-scale responsive websites on the OpenText Web Site Content Management System.

Surrey needed a website that would last for the long term. So not only did we rebuild, we gave the Surrey team the tools and training to maintain and grow it themselves.

  • We created an online version of the City’s content style guide, so it could be updated easily and referenced by their internal team anytime.
  • We rebuilt and optimized all their CMS templates to make publishing more efficient.
  • We redesigned their content creation workflow, making the Surrey team even more efficient.
  • We helped Surrey overhaul their content taxonomy making their published materials easier to find – one department’s traffic spiked by 90% just by improving their metadata.
  • And, oh yeah – we launched one of the first large-scale responsive websites on the OpenText Web Site Content Management System.
The new responsive City of Surrey website,, on an iPad


Since launch, mobile visits are up 106%, and tablet visits are up 80%.

This project received unanimous support from City Council, the mayor, and City stakeholders. Since launch, mobile visits are up 106%, and tablet visits are up 80%. Citizens are thrilled with the usable interface and useful, findable content.

Check out the city's shiny new responsive website