BC Transit

We helped BC Transit better serve its customers, grow ridership, and embrace technology.

Our partnership

How it began

BC Transit was created in 1979 when the provincial government formed the Urban Transit Authority (UTA), a new Crown corporation charged with coordinating the planning, marketing, and funding of municipal transit systems throughout British Columbia.

Since then, BC Transit has grown and now carries over 51 million passengers annually on more than 83 transit systems across British Columbia. It provides transit services to more than 1.6 million people in B.C.,while operating on a comprehensive shared services model partnership between BC Transit, local government, and a transit management company.

In 2008, the provincial government announced its Provincial Transit Plan, and a bold mandate for BC Transit: to double transit ridership by 2020. This meant BC Transit needed to rethink its service delivery and evolve it through the use of different technologies, transform how its teams worked, and engage the communities its serves to encourage transit ridership and more sustainable communities.

In addition, riders wanted access to new customer information technologies, such as online trip planners, real-time next trip information at major exchanges, and easy access for mobile devices.

Our first priority was a redesign of BC Transit’s website, which had not been substantially redesigned for 12 years. It largely functioned as a catch-all for transit information and was heavily focused on the corporate side of the business.

BC Transit in a nutshell

  • Provides services to over 130 communities across BC in collaboration with 59 local government partners, including the Victoria Regional Transit Commission and regional hospital districts
  • Head office is located in beautiful Victoria, BC
  • Contracts with 18 private management companies, 6 public operating organizations and 13 non-profit agencies.
  • Transports 51 million passengers annually
  • Serves more than 1.6 million people in BC
  • Operates 83 transit systems - conventional, community, custom and paratransit.
  • Owns a fleet of 1,052 high-capacity heavy, medium and light-duty buses

The results (so far)

  • In May 2015, the BC Transit project was featured in Profit magazine, Oracle’s bimonthly publication that is distributed to more than a half million top IT managers and developers globally.
  • In August 2015 the BC Transit website was awarded first place in AdWheel Awards Competition the by the American Public Transit Association
“Our customers are wide-ranging; we have a really wide customer base, from seniors that are used to using desktops to a lot of youth with new technology, and what mattered to us was creating a communication portal that was accessible anywhere, whether you’re in your living room, or whether you’re standing at the bus stop, or you’re at a restaurant wanting to know when the next bus would be … how do you marry the needs of the customers with the requirements of a large government organization? … what [Yellow Pencil] created for us with the quick trip planner when you arrive on the site and then moving the bulky content to the footer has worked perfectly.”
Maureen Sheehan, Director Sales, Marketing, Communications, BC Transit

We helped BC Transit better serve its customers, grow ridership, and embrace technology.

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