YP gets dirty!

A 2 minute read written by Erika August 2, 2013

Dirty YP Logo

If you are a loyal YP blog follower - and I hope you are - you may notice that the team at Yellow Pencil enjoys getting together, hanging up their nerdiness for a period of time, and trying on some serious jock pants. This year was definitely one for the books!

When I ran the Gorilla Race last year, I really thought I had hit my peak of bizarre attempts at athleticism. Enter 2013.


First comes the Spartan Sprint. A grueling 5km obstacle race at the largest ski hill in Edmonton, which may not sound like much when you are skiing, but it seemed much larger when running it.. THREE TIMES.

This commitment was the result of some competitive goading from our good friend Raoul Mendoza of Dirty Lab. He’s the Spartan veteran, having ran the Calgary Spartan Sprint in 2012 and surviving the Las Vegas Super Spartan earlier this year. He’s a machine, but we couldn’t let him best us! So we assembled a team of eager participants - including some who didn’t do the slightest bit of research into what the Spartan Race actually was. *cough* Paul Bellows *cough*

So the months leading up to the race flew by, we didn’t train nearly as hard as we should have, and before we knew it we were on a school bus headed towards Rabbit Hill. I wasn’t too nervous. I watched all the nauseating Go-Pro YouTube videos of runners in the race and figured, “meh, it’s only 5km.”

Without giving you too much of a play-by-play I’ll just give you the highlights:

  • The initial run up the hill was cruel and inhuman. There’s a reason God invented ski-lifts

  • Then there was mud. Up to your chest.

  • Sandbag dragging.

  • Then mud

  • Fire and spear throwing!YP Spartan Team

  • Oh yeah, then more mud

  • And don’t forget the burpees!

  • But also mud

It was crazy hard, but ridiculous fun.

Photo: The Tartan Spartans. Almost called The Fartan Spartans.... hooray for democracy!

Let them all eat paint!

Then came Colour me Rad. I heard so much hype around this race and the videos made it look so fun, so I approached my husband to see if he wanted to run it with me. This is how that conversation went:

Me: Hey! Do you want to run a 5k with me where they throw paint at you??
Him: Um... no.


I guess I could have sold it better.

But luckily my chYP Colour Me Rad teamarm worked on a couple of YPers! So Erin, Carson, and I laced up our most colourful runners, donned our whitest clothing, and headed for the starting line of what was actually Erin’s first ever 5km run! It was a big day for all.

We started at a good pace, quickly realizing that no one was taking it seriously, and just spent the rest of the time throwing paint at each other and taking selfies with our phones.

So we may not have broken any world records, but at least we got out some workplace aggression! “I’ve got your timesheets right here!” BAM.

We weren’t organized enough to have a team name for this. So I guess we have to go with The Fartan Spartans. (mostly because of Carson)

Reflection on the glory days

These past few races taught me a few things:

1. I make strange choices with my disposable income

2. Taking three showers in a row can be someone’s reality

3. My co-workers are pretty darn fun

It’ll be interesting to see what the next event will be. YP Skydiving? Lion Taming? Or maybe we can trick Paul again and get him to run with the bulls.

Stay tuned to find out!