Yellow Pencil Goes Gorilla

A 1 minute read written by Erika September 11, 2012

September kicked off with an event to remember – the Edmonton Gorilla Race. The Gorilla Race is a charity fun run that takes you five kilometres along the beautiful Edmonton River Valley while you are dressed in a head-to-toe gorilla suit. All proceeds go to the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, an international charity working to save the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas while keeping Dian Fossey’s dream alive for the past 27 years.

Because we are an active bunch, we decided to participate. Inspired by the movie, The Room, our team name was "You Are Tearing Me Apart, Gorilla!" Although, we don’t think the announcer was familiar with the film based on his confusion when reading our team name aloud.

The race was gruelling and the suits only grew hotter with each passing kilometre, but it was worth seeing the looks on the faces of passers-by as hundreds of gorillas obstructed traffic, crossed bridges, and clogged up bike lanes.

Prizes were handed out for best costumes, fastest times, distance traveled, and a smattering of other categories that promised great team spirit. We proudly brought home the award for third fastest female racer – nice work, Christina!  

All in all, we raised $745 for the charity and were the top fundraisers at the event. A big thank you to all who donated to this fantastic cause. You can expect to see many more Yellow Pencils donning their Gorilla Glory next year!

A photo of our Edmonton Gorilla Race team in action