Why a holiday break is good for business

A 1 minute read written by Ken December 19, 2014

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It’s that time of year. The decorations and music in malls and public spaces remind us that the holiday season is again upon us. So is it just a big waste of time and lost productivity for your office? Holiday parties, time off, special considerations – how does that help us generate more business?

There are a couple of unexpected and positive holiday season implications for your team. Three important dimensions of your team members are:

  • Competence
  • Chemistry
  • Character

You have real opportunities to enhance the last two.


I’m not talking about the classroom science, Chem 101. I’m talking about human connection. Holiday times can enhance chemistry, that sense of working well together as a team. Team building can happen naturally and easily through a celebration dinner or event. And while it may not seem like a lot, this investment in your team can result in more productive work because of greater sense of trust and connection among your team members.

This year, our teams are sharing a dinner together, having a “secret Santa” gift exchange and some of us are taking up go-karting for an afternoon. Working relationships are strengthened as people spend time with each other, away from their desks.


Character is part of each individual’s development and refers to values, work ethic, honesty, etc. Regardless of religious background, holiday reflections help to build character. People often make their strongest contributions when they have confidence in their own life purpose and meaning.

The holiday season provides time to strengthen relationships, expressions and our connections through giving to others as part of being human. Developing internal character enhances work quality. A team member who has developed self-understanding and exhibits humanitarian characteristics adds real value to your team. Period.

A festive piece of advice

Don’t just endure the events of the holiday season. Embrace them as opportunities to build your team spirit and character in a variety of ways.

Happy Holidays!