Tips & Tricks - A News Reading Workflow

A 3 minute read written by james November 19, 2012

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All these new gadgets, gizmos, and gimmicks make it easier for us to get more information than we ever dreamed possible: Facebook news feeds, RSS feeds, Tumblr blogs, iTunes podcasts, you name it – but keeping track of it all is no easy task. Well, lucky for you, I’m going to share some tricks and tips that will help make your digital life a little easier.

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Lots of apps are available to help you out

While there are mountains of apps, services and solutions from companies like Instapaper, Delicious, Pocket, Google, Evernote, Pulse, Flipboard and others, it can be difficult to wade through them all and find the right tools for the job. Understanding what you’re consuming is the first step to building a solid media workflow.

Note: This workflow is for Mac users only, sorry PC-ers. Windows user? Leave your tips in our comment section!

Scanning Daily Headlines

Guys, I have a serious problem. I am a total news junkie. Local news, national, international, tech, politics, entertainment... I want it all. The problem is that opening a web browser and checking for new stories is tedious and time consuming. Here’s how to make that easier.

Apps I recommend:

Accounts you’ll need:

I’ve split the following workflow into two sections, the first for quickly scanning headlines when you're busy, and the second is for keeping track of longer articles to read later. I split these workflows between two apps, Reeder and Pocket. The first working well for scanning headlines and the latter for reading long articles.

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Part 1

  1. Make sure you have a Google account, if you do, then you’re ready to move on. If not, you need to step out from under that rock and go to and create an account.
  2. Download Reeder for iOS on your iPhone/iPad and Reeder for Mac on your desktop.
  3. Start the app and login with your Google account.
  4. Using your favourite web browser, check out your favourite news sites. You’ll be looking for a link to their RSS feed, it’s usually indicated by a square orange icon. Once you find it, click it! Reeder app should open and ask if you want to subscribe to this RSS feed. If it didn’t open, you might need to install a browser extension.
  5. New articles from your favourite websites will now show up in Reeder as soon as they are published! The read status of the articles will sync between all your devices, so feel free to read away on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Reeder also has amazing social features and can share articles on Twitter/Facebook/etc.

Part 2

  1. Go to Pocket’s website and create an account.
  2. Once you have an account then you’ll want to download and add the browser extension.
  3. When browsing the web and reading content online you can use the browser extension to save articles to read later.
  4. Open Reeder preferences and login to Pocket using your credentials.
  5. When browsing articles in Reeder and you want to save it for later, just tap the Pocket icon.
  6. Open the Pocket web app, Pocket for iOS, or Read Later on your mac and read your articles when time permits.


While this selection of apps and services works really well for me, you might find a service that works better with your devices or workflow. Either way, it’s important to make efficient use of your time and keep things organized. All of these services help do that. We’d love to hear how you read the news and manage your articles, so drop us a note in the comment section below.