Taking the pain out of content migration

A 1 minute read written by cole November 19, 2013


Whether your website is a collection of static HTML pages, running the latest and greatest Content Management System, or somewhere in between, migrating to a new platform can be a major headache. The process will inevitably involve heaps of nit-picky little details which seem nearly impossible to resolve. At Yellow Pencil, we've been working hard to change this because we believe that your content migration should be a painless, dare we say enjoyable, experience. If you've got 1000 pages or 1,000,000 pages, we can design and build your new web application and move your content quickly and accurately.

Yellow Pencil has been working with websites and content management systems since the 1990's (we prefer to refer to the '90s as “the dark age of the Internet”), so we're pretty familiar with web content. Since we've performed about a zillion content migrations over the years, we're intimately familiar with every aspect of the process. As a result, you can trust that your content is in loving hands.

At some point, we realized that all of the brain melting manual labour involved in a content migration prevented the process from being either fun or cost-effective. Plus, computers tend to excel at tedious, repetitive work. So, we decided to build a suite of tools and process automation software to help us move your content between systems more easily. These custom-built tools position us uniquely to migrate your content into one of our favourite CMSs (Oracle WebCenter, OpenText, or Drupal). We also have a habit of continually refining these tools to further streamline the process.

By combining our unique content migration experience and custom tools with our much beloved 4D process, we can take you through an entire web application project from inception to design and development, through the migration, all the way to deployment on our managed <a href="/what-we-do/saas-and-sla-hosting-canada>cloud hosting service</a>.

This hard work and technical magic on our part means that you'll finish your web application project feeling refreshed, and excited to launch your new system. We're confident that you'll agree that the whole process was completely headache free. If you don't agree, we'll happily supply the aspirin.