Smashula FTW!

A 1 minute read written by Erika April 26, 2012

An enlarged hockey puck at centre ice

The hockey spirit is still alive at Yellow Pencil despite the Oilers' soul-crushing year. As a truly Canadian company, we are devoted to the sport and the excitement that comes with it. We show our devotion with not one, but two Yellow Pencil hockey teams.

We are proud to announce that one of our teams, affectionately known as Smashula, brought home an impressive trophy after bring crowned the true champions of the world…well, the league…for now.

Paul Bellows holding the championship trophy and looking elated

Smashula skated, slashed, and body checked the rough and tumble team Arsenal and went ahead by two goals within the first few minutes of the period. The referees then began calling some pretty strict penalties (just saying), giving Arsenal the opportunity to tie up the game. This made for some intense drama but our heroes recaptured the lead and skated into the third period ahead by a point. In true slow motion, sports-movie fashion, Smashula won the game with an impressive empty net goal! In the end, the final score was 7-4.

Smashula started its reign of terror and triumph in 2007, when the team went winless. Their love for the sport and competitive spirit pushed them to become the champions that you see today. Great job, team! No one wears pink like you!

Look forward to more exciting sports updates from all our teams in the coming seasons, but probably only when they win things.

Thank you to Anna-Maria LeMaistre for the photo!