Same great faces, clearer roles

A 2 minute read written by Dave September 23, 2015

An illustration of a group of boxes representing an organization chart.

We're excited to announce some changes to our roles and titles at Yellow Pencil that will bring clarity and focus to how we work.

Yellow Pencil has a mission to make our customers great at online communication. Two principles that make communication great are clarity and focus. Those two principles translate to business as well. Ensuring you have a clear message, or a clear value offering is important to finding success, whether you’re writing content for the web or offering a service. We recently spent time identifying how Yellow Pencil could improve, and after some reflection, research and planning we’ve made some changes to our management team.

We believe these changes will help us refine our focus and find better clarity in how our business operates, so we can be more effective, and provide better value to our customers, while making this company an even better place to work. To achieve that, we have identified roles that have clear focus, and assigned one person to each role. As a medium-sized business we have the advantage of making decisions quickly and moving quickly. We expect these changes to our management structure will allow us to respond to good ideas and the needs of our customers faster.

Why now?

You might ask, why change the structure of the company now? Well, in the words of Marshall Goldsmith: "What got you here, won’t get you there." We need to learn and adapt and grow. One of our values is we keep improving and that’s our goal here. We want to remove bottlenecks, improve efficiency, keep each other accountable, and have a clearer identity and vision for Yellow Pencil.

We are excited to announce a few changes today.

New roles

David Bellous — CEO
Providing strategy, alignment and direction for Yellow Pencil. Connecting with and developing strategic partnerships.
Paul Bellows — Director, sales & marketing
Responsible for sales and marketing, helping our customers build digital roadmaps, and building collaborative relationships with our software and service partners.
Scott Baldwin — Director, services
Overseeing day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring how we work is efficient and effective. Managing our teams, strategy, and plans to hit our company goals.
Danielle Harder — Director, team
Operational logistics and all things people. Ensuring our team has the tools, knowledge and focus they need to do great work.
Jon Smelquist — Director, technology
Leading technical planning and direction for Yellow Pencil and our client work. Connecting with customers to ensure we're delivering the best solution with the right tools.

If we have had the pleasure of working with you in the past, we look forward to working with you in the future with the same focus on quality and a renewed focus on clear communication. If we haven’t worked together, please give me a call. I’d love to see if there’s a fit between your organizational needs and our knowledge and skills.

— David Bellous, CEO