Is your website big enough to need web governance?

A 1 minute read written by Ken April 10, 2014

Here's a question: is my website big enough to need web governance?

Web governance seems like something that isn't really important until you have a big and complex web channel to operate. But even the smallest website has governance needs that are important to consider in order to make your web tool more successful. The word governance seems "large" but governance is simply identifying the people and structures needed to run an effective website.

In many cases a website is owned and run by one person who is responsible for content, approvals, design and technical considerations. If you are that person, here are some tips to help you make your web channel the best communication tool that it can be.

Start with your audience

  • Try to visualize what an end user will be looking for from your site
  • How can someone get what they are looking for with the fewest number of mouse clicks?
  • Make your information clear, genuine, and trustworthy
  • Give the user a way to respond if that is your aim - eg. "Click here for more info" or "Click here to purchase", etc.

How often do you need to update your site?

  • Someone linking to your site will be more motivated to stay and look around or come back another time if information is up to date. If they find stale or outdated information their stay is likely to be only as long as it takes to click another link.
  • Set yourself a schedule to check the information on your site as often as you think it needs updating. (Depending on your need, it may be daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Have someone else read your site and give you their feedback - value their suggestions

Technical issues

  • Choose a web platform that you can operate
  • Find someone with technical skills who can help you when you run into a jam
  • Keep your site simple enough to match your capacity to operate it

Every effective and successful website, large or small, needs intentional attention in order to connect well with your audience. Your work on the governance on your site will help you realize the goals of your organization or business. If you still have questions about governance, we just happen to do this sort of thing, so send us your questions!