A 1 minute read written by Alicia October 4, 2012


I can’t believe three weeks have already gone by since I started my internship at Yellow Pencil!

I’m an Interactive Media student at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland and was looking for an international internship to develop my skills in project management and visual design. I started looking for suitable companies with a professional-looking portfolio and a good working environment where I could learn and share my ideas.

I found my way to Yellow Pencil by browsing around the web and asking a few Canadian friends who were living in Finland. Yellow Pencil’s homepage showed a reliable company with a strong background in the field, and really interesting blog posts (like this one!). But what really caught my eye was their 4D process! My project manager side is always curious about process and methodologies, and I found it really interesting that Yellow Pencil created their own. Besides that, their successes in projects like the City of Edmonton and the Wharton School made my decision clear.

So, I applied for an internship position. A few weeks later I got a Skype interview, and the next thing I knew I was Yellow Pencil’s new intern, and on my way to Vancouver!

While preparing for my trip, I realized that I had no idea what Canadian culture is like. I’ve travelled a lot in Europe, but never this far. I started reading and asking my friends what Canada has to offer a European like me, and everything I heard was positive. Canada definitely has a good name abroad, and I could see why from the moment I stepped off the airplane. Canadians are always cheerful and positive – I love these people!

So far, my time at the Yellow Pencil has been excellent. I have been asked about my learning goals and my expectations, so I can get the best out of my time here. I can share my ideas or ask any questions I have. I feel so lucky to be part of the team!