Growing Our Services for Cities

A 1 minute read written by Paul October 31, 2011

Yellow Pencil and Idea Market shown adding in what looks like a math equation

At Yellow Pencil we really love cities: living in cities, playing in cities, and especially making websites for cities. They are challenging and complex clients that serve many audiences, and provide a wide range of services within the limits of their resources and budgets. As we’ve expanded our services and specialties for municipal customers, we realized that we were getting really good at working with big cities, but needed to better address the needs of smaller cities.

Luckily, we know a fantastic company that has spent the last number of years perfecting services for smaller cities. We’ve always thought of them like a sibling, so we decided to make it official: we’d like to announce that Yellow Pencil has acquired Idea Market, and as of November 1, 2011, we will be providing services together to customers large and small.

Idea Market is based out of Red Deer, Alberta, and we will be keeping their office and all of their services, rates, and customer relationships intact at this time. We look forward to augmenting their services with those of the broader Yellow Pencil team, and learning from how they work with customers.

While our customer base includes regulated and financial industries, post-secondary education, energy sector and private sector, there’s just something about cities that we find compelling. We’re creating new ways of addressing their needs all the time, and we look forward to extending our evolving Municipality As A Service model to cities of all sizes. Welcome to the team, Idea Market!