The City of Edmonton takes care of over a million residents. Their website is an important channel for services and communication, but it needed a little love.

According to Paul Strandlund, Web Operations Manager at the City, their old site was "really difficult to use, and the frustrations were constant. It definitely wasn't giving the right impression of the city." There were no systems for workflow or governance, and the IT team was spending its time babysitting servers instead of helping people.

Here are a few things we did:

  • Audit of every major municipal website in Canada to establish industry best practices
  • Web writing and CMS training of over 200 content authors
  • Automated content cleanup and migration, shaving weeks off our timeline
  • A web “war room,” with 18 content authors, experts, and IT staff working for 12 hours a day to migrate, edit, and publish content.
  • Content approval, release, and governance processes, preventing unapproved or outdated content
  • Content reduced to just over 5,000 pages, from over 11,000
  • Better integration of social and rich media, allowing for two-way communication with citizens
  • Total outsourcing of web operations to Yellow Pencil on a SAAS (software-as-a-service) model
  • We partnered with Trevor van Gorp of Affective Design on the Information Architecture and Interaction Design components of the project.

City staff can now easily manage their web channels, and focus on what matters – people. Site usage increased by 19% in the first year after relaunch, with some sections seeing a 30% increase.

Screenshot of the City of Edmonton homepage
Screenshot of the City of Edmonton Business page
Screenshot of City of Edmonton content
Screenshot of City of Edmonton downtown page